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Live an exceptional lifestyle between the city and the sea!

You have just landed on the digital platform of the annual luxury magazine for the amazing Athenian Riviera. ARJ is the first and most precious complete report and update on the pleasures of life, luxury goods, services and sights worth seeing, focusing on the Athenian Riviera, as well as Greece and destinations across the globe. It speaks to a new generation of travelers and experienced globetrotters who want meaningful, engaging content coming from true insiders. Sophisticated art direction and premium execution provide discerning travelers with a unique “window” to the world. The images are breathtaking, the content insightful and illuminating, and each story becomes a beautiful portrayal of the destination.

The ATHENS RIVIERA JOURNAL print and digital version are designed and produced by Else Agency sophisticated media lab. ARJ is now on air to share the incredible experience online!

Welcome aboard a fascinating journey through the Athenian Riviera!


Else Agency is a sophisticated media lab that creates premium corporate editions in a way that brand exposure becomes a creative project. Our editions channel customers’ services and products through inspired articles and features that promote luxury travel and lifestyle.

We curate, produce and publish inspiring content in the form of print and digital material, as well as corporate editions and bespoke promotional strategies in marketing and communication for an impressive range of exceptional luxury brands. Founded by Elsa Soimiri over 15 years ago and boasting immense experience in various media, the agency meets the evolving expectations of the most demanding clientele. Elsa Soimiri is a professional for over two decades with great experience in the fields of media, production, printing, editing and advertising. A fervent lover of the Athenian Riviera, she has the vision to create an authentic “reporter” presenting all the spectrum of the area’s development. A forward thinker by nature, she materialized that under the name of the Athens Riviera Journal, the print and digital platform that records the new golden age of Athens Riviera.

For more information, please visit www.elseagency.gr

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