Setting Sail to Success.

Interview by Despoina Sampson

ARJ uncovers the strategies, challenges, and triumphs shaping the world of Continental Maritime and, related by its CEO Rosanna Yenovkian at the helm of this remarkable journey.

Rosanna Yenovkian has been a problem-solving power for many years – and she does it VERY WELL. She consults buyers and sellers for some of the biggest yacht sales and registrations worldwide. Based in Glyfada, the heart of the Athenian Riviera, she has been successfully managing a multicultural group of people for over 25 years.

As a woman in a predominantly male-dominated industry, what challenges and opportunities have you encountered, and how do you believe your leadership style and perspective contribute to the success of Continental Maritime &

Male or female, it’s the goal that matters… I don’t look back to the past for missed opportunities, challenges, or mishaps. From my early years, I’ve stayed focused, worked hard, and listened carefully. The leadership style is not a matter of gender, but it has to do with values, experiences, and a life approach in general. I was lucky enough to be introduced to the business by my father, who taught me to calculate the risks and respect my associates based on the old “gentlemen’s code of honour,” which I‘ve combined with explicit studies in my field. I share the same vision and passion with my sister, who is also active in the company, and our employees.

How do you measure success?

Ha ha, by a telephone call… We don’t sell a product. It’s not something tangible. People will understand the quality of our services after they receive them… sometime after a very long period of time. Success comes from people who will call just to show their appreciation by saying, “Τhank you for everything.” From concierge services to yacht purchase and registration.

The leadership style is not a matter of gender, but it has to do with values, experiences and a life approach in general.

Rosanna Yenovkian

What is unique about the service you provide?

Our partners combined with our years of knowledge. We know everything there is to know about yachts, the dos and don’ts, from buying to registration, from refit to international transport, from insurance consultancy to crisis management… We are also the exclusive maritime registrars in Greece for yachts for the St. Kitts & Nevis shipping registry, offering benefits combined with a pragmatic approach to certification, and we have built a reputation for a fast, accurate, and efficient service for ship owners and managers alike. All the above allowed us to take one step further and made us able to offer a wide range of personalized services with an empathetic attitude. Buying or chartering a yacht, planning your vacations, or hosting an event is FUN for us, and we aim to always put a smile on our clients’ faces.

The Athenian Riviera has seen increased attention and development in recent years. What is your perspective on the potential impact of upcoming projects and developments in the region on the luxury yachting and bespoke events industry, and how do you envision Continental Maritime’ s role in these evolving opportunities?

Having foreseen the increased development, we have launched the bespoke, a brand that specialises in high-end luxury services worldwide, and we have landed its allure in the Athenian Riviera, where we are physically located.
We are leaders in offering top-notch services that allow us to provide an elevated client experience. We design bespoke events, such as highly profiled corporate events or destination weddings on luxury boats or private islands. We undertake productions for international photo and video shoots. We arrange private transfers for VIPs through air, sea, or land. We have access to major events worldwide, and we pride ourselves on not only knowing luxury but also being able to totally deliver it to our clients!

At BOAT.GR, we pride ourselves on not only knowing luxury but also being able to totally deliver it to our clients!

Rosanna Yenovkian

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