Aria Hotels: the new luxury hotel La Divina welcomes its guests in the historic centre of Athens

Aria Hotels, the family-run chain of boutique hotels and independent residences, inaugurates the fully renovated historic hotel La Divina, on Adrianou Street in Thiseio, which will welcome its guests on April 1, 2024.

La Divina is housed in a uniquely aesthetic preserved neoclassical building, dedicated to the legendary Maria Callas, combining neoclassical architecture with luxurious simplicity. Maintaining the magic of the old Athens Conservatory, and with attention to the smallest detail, it creates a space that reflects the aesthetics of the past, while providing modern amenities. By choosing La Divina for their stay, the hotel’s guests enjoy the authentic Greek hospitality that Aria Hotels stands for, in a building of unique architectural and historical importance that has been renovated with absolute care and diligence, without affecting its character and special architecture.

La Divina has 12 uniquely designed suites, making it the ideal choice for every visitor who would like to combine comfortable and luxurious accommodation, direct access to the most important monuments of Athens, as well as to discover the much-publicized “electrifying” night atmosphere of the historic centre.

Aria Hotels continues to strategically strengthen its portfolio and dynamically expand its presence in Athens, offering high quality hospitality experiences, focusing on promoting the culture, architecture and history of Greece. Their expanded portfolio includes properties in various island and mainland destinations, offering unparalleled hospitality experiences that successfully meet the needs of the traveler. Aria Hotels’ portfolio includes hotels in Athens, Crete, Cyclades, Sporades, Epirus, Euboea, Peloponnese, Dodecanese and Ionian Islands.

Visit the website or contact the following details to experience the unique experience of La Divina: T. (+30) 2102207686,

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