Your Perfect Athens Paradise.

Feeling stressed in Athens? There’s a beach for that. But, first follow the Athens Riviera beach rules: Soak up the sun. Breathe the salty air. Rest, relax, reflect. Bare-feet required.

KAPE Beach

We present you the beach of the Athenian Riviera that will instantly make you feel, as if you were on an island.

Named after the acronym for the nearby Center for Renewable Energy Sources, the KAPE beach is one that can really give you that island feel only an hour’s drive from Athens; the minute you set foot on the beach, you’ll be taken aback by the view of the Aegean. With seafloor that is covered with small pebbles and crisp clean waters that get abruptly deep, you can have some truly magical swims here. It is also called Legrena. The important thing is its location, as even the drive to get there is wonderful, while with eleven more minutes you can reach Sounio.

Agios Nikolaos Beach

Embrace the Athens Riviera’s version of the “Blue Lagoon”.

Also known as the “Balos of Attica”, the secret diamond at the area of Anavissos is a huge sandy beach that in some places is “embraced” by rocks creating a magical landscape. On the beach of Agios Nikolaos you will enjoy crystal clear emerald waters, while the landscape is anything but reminiscent of Attica.

At a first glance, it makes you think that you are on an island and more specifically in Crete, since its resemblance to the famous beach of Balos is amazing. At the second, it unfolds in front of you the comfortable beach with the characteristic rock island and the small church creating a magical scenery. Let yourself wander.

Are you still in Attica?

Mavro Lithari Beach

You may think that its name has a mysterious story behind it, but this beach is all about having fun and enjoying the sand.

Named after a dark rock emerging from the sea, the beach of Mavro Lithari is situated in the area of Anavyssos, around one hour away from the center of Athens by car. The seashore is covered with sand and pebbles and the sea waters are usually calm making up for the distance.

It is a fully organized beach with fine pebbles and mostly sand in and out of the water -an important element, that’s true-, although the waters are smooth but deep. The characteristic feature of the beach is the massive black rock in

the middle and a chance to create an instagrammable moment. Not that the area lacks of it. Beach bars with music and straw umbrellas make up the beach scene.

Harakas Beach

If you are lucky enough to know about it, then you have everything you need to visit it.

It is a short straight coastline with green pure water and brown sand. The sharpness of entering the water is quite normal and that’s why this beach is suitable for everyone. Discovered by those who know where they can take a nice swim in Attica, it is the ideal solution if you are looking for an alternative and relatively nearby beach.

It used to be a well-kept secret off Souniou Avenue also featuring a traditional settlement. In addition to a wide sandy beach, it also has shallow waters and considered particularly safe for playing and swimming. What is certain is that you will enjoy your bath in an idyllic environment that you did not imagine existed so close to Athens.

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