Incredible Lakeside Dining

A stunning setting provides a dramatic backdrop for an out of this world culinary experience at the AbraOvata restaurant.

AbraOvata restaurant rather fittingly takes its name from the rare bivalve mollusk (shell) with a translucent, thin and fragile shell, which actually lives in the deep depths of Lake Vouliagmeni. With beautiful views across the lake and its sublime natural surroundings, AbraOvata welcomes guests to an imposing setting where an exciting culinary experience that merges tastes and textures from as far afield as Latin America and Asia awaits. This year sees a collaboration with the international up-and-coming executive chef John Skotidas (who has previously worked at highly successful restaurants such as Mazi and Suzi Tros in London), who is taking over at the helm of an Athens restaurant for the first time this year.

Drawing inspiration from his diverse heritage as well as life experiences -Chef Skotidas was born to a mother from the Philippines, a father from Lefkada, and grew up in Panama before living between Athens and London – this culinary talent masterfully combines Greek traditional cuisine with Latin American and Asian notes, to ultimately create an authentic and completely sui generis culinary reality. At AbraOvata, cuisines, traditions and techniques are innovatively intertwined in exciting dishes such as lobster “kakavia” with udon noodles, XO sauce and ouzo, carrot taco and grilled octopus with fava beans and olive mole. Further delights include the dessert menu curated by pastry chef Kalliopi Marou along with an exciting cocktail list created by the renowned Haris Plessas.

Lake Vouliagmeni, Vouliagmeni
For reservations and enquiries: Τ.: 210-89.62.220

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