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Chrysalis is a unique complex of four independent houses in Vouliagmeni, Athens – Greece designed by 314 Architecture Studio.

Nestled within an exclusive enclave of the Athenian Riviera, there stands an extraordinary complex, drawing inspiration from the transformative stage of a nymph into a butterfly. Chrysalis, a property of recent renown, has garnered extensive media coverage, thanks to its remarkable and distinctive architecture. This exceptional property is proudly represented through the renowned Engel & Völkers network.

Chrysalis lies a distinguished complex comprising four detached houses. This exclusive enclave stands in close proximity to the sea, offering a harmonious blend of rocky coastlines, sandy beaches, and the opulence of renowned establishments like the Four Seasons Astir Palace Hotel, Athens. Notably, the presence of the Astir Marina, replete with its unique waterfront cafes and fine dining restaurants, adds to the allure.

Vouliagmeni has perennially charmed real estate investors, thanks to its abundant natural splendor, and a limited supply of properties, making it a prime investment opportunity. Moreover, this idyllic suburb is a haven for families and those seeking a tranquil lifestyle, all while ensuring convenient access to the city center. Remarkably, it’s a mere 30-minute drive to the bustling Port of Piraeus and equally accessible to the airport, offering an enviable balance of serenity and connectivity.

The property, true to its name, draws its architectural inspiration from the transformative stage of a nymph evolving into a butterfly. Much like the butterfly’s wings extending diagonally and radially, the design of this structure gracefully unfolds. The “wings” serve a triple purpose: they provide shade for the ground floor, double as balconies for the attic, affording panoramic views of the adjacent park, and act as visual partitions between the individual houses. Notably, it’s this last role that ensures privacy, cleverly achieved through the curvature of the “wings” at the heart of the structure. Transparency emerges as a pivotal element in this composition, serving as the bridge between the interior of the houses and their external surroundings. The extensive use of U-glass replaces or blends seamlessly with conventional walls, allowing an abundance of natural light to permeate the space.

Simultaneously, U-glass plays a multifaceted role by filtering and distorting movement, introducing a fresh dimension to the spatial experience and how it’s perceived by onlookers. Contrasting and complementary textures are used to enhance user interaction with the structure. Specifically, the gleaming surface of U-glass harmoniously blends with the raw, matte texture of white cement mortar that adorns the walls, floors, and ceilings.

To further enrich the tactile and visual experience, strategically positioned rocks are integrated within the interiors, infusing an earthy element. Notably, larger rocks serve a dual purpose as decorative features and as functional concealers for static elements. In some instances, they cleverly house sliding glass panels, leaving only the aesthetically essential elements in plain view.

Finally the outdoor space of the residences has been specifically designed to enhance the concept. Artificial ponds and pools reflect the organic shape of the butterfly, u-glass and lush vegetation, creating a sense of serenity and a desire for isolation and contemplation. Floating paths pass over the ponds and vegetation to connect the ground floor balconies, offering an alternative, closer-to-nature experience.

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