Hotel Grande Bretagne: Thousands of visitors were taken on“A Journey Through Time”

The pioneering exhibition “A Journey Through Time: The Immersive Experience” which opened on February 11 and ended on February 18, kicked off the Always Grand celebrations for the Hotel Grande Bretagne’s 150th anniversary in the most spectacular way, taking 3,500 visitors on an exciting voyage.

The public’s keen interest in the exhibition was evident early on, with all available tickets selling out just days after their release. Important personalities from the fields of business, politics, culture, and the media who had the opportunity to enjoy the experience in special screenings, expressed their enthusiasm for the final result.

Taking place at the legendary Grand Ballroom, the spectacular extravaganza seamlessly blended together images and sounds to narrate the hotel’s story. Using projection mapping on various surfaces to create an imaginative and multi-dimensional environment, the exhibition embraced the viewer, taking them back to the year 1874, when the Hotel Grande Bretagne was founded. As the hotel’s enduring tale unfolded, the viewer would come across pivotal moments in the country’s history:

From the hotel’s leading position in the revival of the modern-day Olympic Games in 1896, its dynamic contribution to the development of the country’s hospitality industry and its crucial relationship with the events of the Second World War, to the formation of the Government of National Unity on its 5th floor in 1974, its iconic balls and many other milestones in the country’s political, social and urban life, the exhibition highlighted all these factors which make the Hotel Grande Bretagne the flagship of Greek hospitality and a timeless emblem of the country’s urban life.

YARD Athens was in charge of the Design & Execution of the exhibition, in a Concept by Olga Mavroidis, who was also the Curator. V+O Communications designed the Communication & Promotional Strategy for the exhibition.

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