Purely Greek.

A unique and stirring artist – Caroline Rovithi’ s “All you need is Greece in NY” exhibition painted a glorious picture of Hellenic culture.

Greece, a country of sunshine, blue seas, passion, and resilience. Growing up in the 1980s, Caroline Rovithi fell in love with everything that defines this vivid nation, a devotion that inspired her art as an adult. Bold colours, dominated by blue and white, bring her style to life, a kaleidoscope of Greek symbolism within pop and street art on canvas or plexiglass. But her creative vision isn’t limited to paintings, illustrations, collages, and three-dimensional work. Conceptual art books, unique gifts, and private commissions add to the mediums through which she gets to express her Greek spirit, keen and powerful.

From 20 July to 6 September 2023, Caroline marked another step in an already illustrious career: “All you need is Greece in NY”, a solo exhibition at the Opening Gallery in Tribeca, New York. The Hellenic Initiative, backed by major organizations like Greece in USA, the Ministry of Culture & Sports and the Greek National Tourism Organisation, hosted a pre-opening event on the 28th of June, featuring Caroline’s artworks and an introduction to All You Need Is Greece, her new publication by Key Books. Diaspora Greeks and friends enjoyed an evening of Hellenic culture and artistry, part of the proceeds of which went to Luv Michael, a non-profit organization supporting adults living with autism.


Caroline Rovithi

Among Caroline’s exhibits was “HELLAS The power within us”. It’s a short film entirely set on Mytikas, the highest point of Mount Olympus, that envelops you in the allure of free-spirited and nature-loving Greece. Beautiful aerial shots transport you to the valleys and peaks of the mountain of the Gods, while Caroline’s smooth voice guides you through scenes and symbols that define Greece’s spirituality and customs, helping you find HELLAS within you. This video art is the sequel to Caroline’s “All you need is Greece.” The original film explored the artist’s source of inspiration, inviting you to think about what really births creative expression. Emotional wealth or turmoil? A need to heal the soul and free yourself from restrictions? What drives Caroline the most is a complete immersion in each piece, its colours, meanings, and power to instil in the viewer the fierce but also tranquil splendour of Greece. The film’s sunlit island lashed by the waves of a magnificent ocean deepens the message.

These short films are great examples of the emotional and thought-provoking journeys Caroline Rovithi takes her audience on. Every piece in her portfolio, every exhibition she offers, every challenging step she takes as a female artist has a single purpose: to share her love of Greece with the world, a country that has everything. But she’s not just promoting the place, its attractions and traditions, her vision for 2024 branching into the country’s seafaring history. She wishes to empower people with the ideas that make Greeks themselves tough and soulful. That’s why her creations, from striking paintings on plexiglass to amusingly surreal and often profound pop art, have such an impact. Their Greekness – feisty, sassy, funny, defiant – is infectious.

Her second solo exhibition in the US is set for June 2024 and intends to enchant Los Angeles next.


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