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Interview by Despoina Sampson

Elena Dedoussi, Marketing Manager of Breitling Hellas sheds light on the modern side of luxury brands and analyzes Breitling’s distinct identity.

As a fine watchmaking house with a history that continues to provide inspiration through its dynamic image, Breitling’ s emblematic new collections combine the charm of the aesthetics of the past with modern materials and technology, resulting in watches that are both elegant and dynamic at the same time.

How has the definition of luxury changed Greece over the course of 2023?

Fortunately for all of us, the years of inaccessible luxury are over. Right now the definition of luxury goes beyond the product itself and encompasses a more holistic approach defined by customer-centric brands. Especially after the events we have all experienced in recent years, the consumer is looking for what we call everyday luxury. Without compromising on quality, we are seeing brands creating a new, casual luxury that does not “shout” and embodies the concept of well-being.

What do customers look for in a Breitling watch besides its heritage and high craftsmanship? Do ethical values, such as sustainability, play a role today?

At Breitling, we are a team that’s definitely on a sustainability mission, evident from our #squadonamission hashtag in all our communications. This means that we are constantly exploring ways in which we can create new products that offer casual, inclusive and sustainable luxury reflecting the true aspirations of today’s consumers. It also means that we are committed to doing our best to optimize the social and environmental impact of our business. We committed to the Origins series – released last year – where we have pledged to use only lab grown diamonds by 2025. We also swapped out all of our packaging boxes for new ones made from recycled plastic. Furthermore, now the entire supply chain of our products – from all raw materials used through to the final product – is documented both in the owner’s NFT and publicly on an online map of origin (all of the available information is also independently verified). The consumer is now looking for, and this will intensify in the future, products and brands with a deep social and environmental identity.

For two years now, the Breitling Boutique in Athens has stood out not only in terms of its aesthetics, but also for its special atmosphere. How have visitors to Athens reacted to the brand’s exclusive store?

We are really very proud of the success of our Boutique on Voukourestiou Street. Its aesthetics, like all of our stores around the world, is reminiscent of a New York industrial style loft. In essence, we have created a space that reflects the character of Breitling and has moved on from the retail experience as we know it. It’s very important for us to be able to welcome our customers there because this space is a huge part of the brand experience that differentiates us from other watchmakers. Our sense of hospitality is all part of our communication ethos which begins from the moment when someone first hears about us until after the purchase of the watch itself.


What is Breitling’s most successful collection and which collections do you prefer for men and women, respectively?

I believe that a key reason for the great success of the brand is the sheer breadth of our portfolio. Although our aesthetics are based on the modern retro lines that we follow, our collections are so rich that every customer is guaranteed to find a watch that suits them. We make sure that we can accommodate all wrist sizes whilst offering many different colour combinations on our dials as well as different watch strap materials so that a customer can create a unique watch exactly as they have imagined it. Also, we have definitely seen a large move away from the constrictions of men’s and women’s watches and who buys them. I love seeing women wearing big Avengers for example. At the end of the day it all comes down to a matter of personal style.

Is there a brand ambassador that stands out for you, and if so what makes them an ideal brand ambassador?

Every member of the team is important because they represent and appeal to different types of customers, so we have tried to choose ambassadors who are role models in different industries or genres who have something to say. One important addition to the Squad was and is Giannis Antetokounmpo because he has such an important life story, so many experiences to share that I feel that people love and respect him because they see parts of themselves in him, they see a sense of hope. I constantly meet people of all ages, who express their adoration for him on a human level beyond his athletic capabilities. We feel extremely proud to be able to work with him.

What are your favorite collaborations and what do they symbolize for the brand itself?

It’s always a great pleasure to work with brands and companies that are emblematic either on a global or national level. They are a key part of our communication and are a pillar of the brand’s DNA. From our triathletes and our partnership with Ironman, to super cool brands like Triumph and Deus ex Machina and a few more which we will be announcing later on this year, Breitling is always looking for partners who share the same passion and values and this always translates into great collections and limited edition watches that people love. We promise that you will see many more in the future because as our CEO says: this is just the beginning!

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