Unveiling DEOS – the Timeless Elegance of Mykonos!

The Myconian Collection is delighted to introduce DEOS, the new exquisite brand of the group and a proud member of The Set Collection opening in May, 2024.

This new destination draws on the island roots and expertise of the Daktylides family whose hospitality portfolio, established in 1979, counts today a stellar stable of Relais & Châteaux, LHW, SLH, Preferred, and Design Hotels.

DEOS isn’t just something new, but something different: a unique environment curated with a passion for all that’s authentic about Mykonos, and designed by GM Architects with a clear vision of the future of travel.

Named for the awe-inspiring beauty of its natural setting, DEOS is poised on a hilltop above the town of Mykonos and enjoys panoramic views from the famous windmills in the old harbour, across the neighboring islands of Delos, Syros, and Tinos, to the edge of the horizon.

Looking out over the pool from the DEOS terrace, one has the sensation of drifting weightlessly between the sea and sky, caressed by the sun and a gentle breeze, at eye level with sunsets and moonshine over the Aegean. And yet, the vibrant street life of Chora is a mere five-minute walk away, down the scenic steps that lead directly from this private sanctuary to the harbour promenade below.

If DEOS has an ethos, it is to merge inner and outer spaces holistically, and the architecture has artfully established conditions for flow. As a globally renowned architecture and design firm with the vision of expressing the identity and culture of a place, GM Architects has precisely sculpted that ethos on the new brand. Galal Mahmoud, CEO of GM Architects, followed an approach that is more about the experience of every guest living both inside and out of the property.

A contemporary Cycladic line intimately follows the landscape and enhances its connection with accents such as the rustic walls made from rocks quarried on site, the generous planting of indigenous flora, or scenic apertures that selectively frame the view.

Throughout the relaxed refinement of the facilities, luxury is a light touch. Even the personalized service experience is discreet, and the studied rhythms of daily housekeeping are almost imperceptible.

Rooms feel more like a private residence, offering home comforts along with a complete escape from routine. The interiors have a warm minimalism that tells the story of artisanal skills through natural textures and custom materials. Ample marble bathrooms are discreetly screened from the elegant living areas opening out onto large scenic terraces. These immaculately landscaped and furnished outdoor spaces shaded by a pergola, with either a pool or a jacuzzi, are perhaps the signature experience at DEOS. Immersing guests in something altogether immaterial, it is a sight of the vast expanse that has moved humanity since ancient times.

DEOS also has dedicated wellness spaces, with a gym fully equipped for fitness, Pilates, and yoga, and a sensational spa with an indoor pool and relaxation area, as well as a sauna and steam bath. Signature treatments are supported by leading skincare lines and complemented by infusions and essential oils from locally harvested botanicals, customized especially for DEOS.

At ease in the moment, in flow with the elements, the ethos at DEOS is about a sense of place. Even the renowned gastronomy of the Myconian Collection finds back to its roots, with a celebration of Greek culinary culture, building on homegrown ingredients and seasonal produce. A Mediterranean diet prized for its health benefits is celebrated in sumptuous breakfasts and light poolside lunches. Of course, fine dining offers the most memorable taste of DEOS, seated either indoors at Epico, or al fresco in an unforgettable setting under the stars, with views across Mykonos town.

Yet try as one may describe such an exceptional setting, the perfect convergence of natural beauty, ancient history, local culture and lifestyle, or the relaxed sophistication and authentic pleasures and the sense of lightness and equilibrium they inspire…. its mystique ultimately lies beyond the edge of words, in a deeply personal and transformative experience of flow. “δέος“, after all, comes from the ancient Greek for the profound awe and humility derived from a sense of wonder at the sublime, which at its purest positive source, is nature.

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