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Bespoke Athens is a sartorial “gem” located in the center of Athens, on Anagnostopoulou 15-17 street in Kolonaki Square; the upmarket shopping center of Athens. It has long been a favored residential and boutique district in Athens surrounded by art galleries, cafes and restaurants. The square is the most popular place of resort for everybody visiting or living in Athens. Bespoke Athens was created on Christmas Eve of 2004, by Vassilis Bourtsalas, after he decided to change his corporate career and do what he really loved.

“I believe that everything “true” and “genuine” is beautiful and that when you do things you love, miracles happen. I embody my passion and convictions for these values by dressing men like they’ve never been dressed before. People may say I’m an entrepreneur with Bespoke Athens, but I feel more like a “tailoring/style researcher”, who loves to share his findings afterwards. I’ve devoted my heart and soul on researching the craft of tailoring and on finding the finest craftsmen of the industry.

Ι feel more like a “tailoring/style researcher”, who loves to share his findings afterwards.

It is my privilege to share my findings with my clients, by offering true craftsmanship with the finest cloths. To me, Bespoke Athens is not just a store. It is a tailoring lab and a gallery of style; a place for men who are looking for something exceptional, unique and rare, a private gallery of artists”.

At Bespoke Athens when a suit, jacket, trousers or shirt is made the focus spreads on the quality of the cloth, the materials (buttons, linings, threads, canvas, etc), the fit of the garment, and the line as well. Of course, the quality of the craft will transform the garments into a piece of art, but what really makes the difference is the goal for a garment with “character”, and unique identity. Others call it style, but for Bespoke Athens “character” or even “personality” is even more than just style. There are no constraints and limitations. They love to break the rules!


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