Contemporary Finesse

Memorable architecture based on creativity, research, innovation, sophistication, and excellence are Potiropoulos+Partners’ defining tradition delivering the highest quality projects for its clients.

A mode of architectural thought and vision encompassing elements of design that transmit feelings of beauty, of feeling comfortable “inside”, is our firm’s main approach when designing for our clients” says founding partner Dimitris Potiropoulos.

An architecture that is concise but nevertheless expressive, familiar and at the same time unexpected, definite but also inventive, is what we believe forms a public contribution,” adds Liana Nella-Potiropoulou, with whom Dimitris Potiropoulos founded the practice more than 30 years ago.

The firm is one of Greece’s foremost architectural firms, with studios based in Athens and London. Its skilled team of highly creative and talented architects and designers addresses the world market, providing full services in design, supervision, and consulting across the spectrum and projects of all types, sizes, and levels of complexity. Combining the pursuit of theory and design issues with the ability to implement complex and large-scale projects, Potiropoulos+Partners aspires to be an agent of originality for its clients, its associates, and for society in general, by constantly seeking through its work new creative ideas and innovative technological solutions which can provide added value to the built environment.

We should always remember that architecture is the product of historical progression and history is a continuing creation. But creation means differentiation. A framework of principles to satisfy the natural tendency of man towards constant progress and creation, and to develop an understanding from a historical and critical point of view which concurrently leads to a multi-disciplinary way of thinking and expression – which we ought to, according to our opinion, seek as architects” says Rigas Potiropoulos, the second generation that recently joined the firm after studying and working abroad.

The quest for a balanced relationship between the built and natural environment remains one of the dominant issues of way of doing architecture, especially nowadays that scientific progress leads to a way of living, governed by consumer goods and technology symbols” says Dimitris Potiropoulos, adding that “within this «techno-centric » era, architecture is required to respond with intellectual, sustainable, critical, and sentimental spatial practices and alternative forms of knowledge. By intervening between the physical phenomena and the human being, architecture contributes – both in pragmatic and semantic level – to the satisfaction of forgotten primordial needs.”

Considering sustainability to be of the highest priorities, the studio works towards the sustainable development of the built environment. Potiropoulos+Partners specializes in seamlessly integrating new projects into their immediate contexts with cultural and historic significance. Several of the projects involve renovation and expansion of historically important structures, including national cultural heritage monuments.

The firm focuses on the added value ensured by design research, which helps improve the quality of life and benefit the built environment and human civilization in general” declares Liana Nella-Potiropoulou regarding their approach on the architectural design process. Whilst occupied with its assigned projects, the studio often seeks to participate in architectural competitions which give the opportunity for innovative approaches by posing research challenges. Thus, there is an interaction between experiment and practice in the design process, which constantly contributes new ideas to a fresh approach, to produce built works.

Potiropoulos+Partners has repeatedly been awarded in competitions and has received many distinctions. In 2015, the firm was nominated for the Mies Van der Rohe Awards – European Union Prize for Contemporary Architecture. The studio’s oeuvre has been presented in national and international architectural exhibitions and have been published in Greece and abroad.

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