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For the two brilliant designers who collectively go by the name Cosset, everything in life is an inspiration. Passionate and articulate, they explain how they bring out their customers’ personality and individual style to a space, through inspired choices. Spending their time between their two stores at the southern suburbs of Athens, close to the Athenian Riviera, and their favorite island, Mykonos, they create spaces of unique identity. With innovative ideas, elegantly minimal philosophy and inspired creativity, they upgraded not only the Athenian but the Mykonian aesthetics, as well. With signature pieces, unique art and excellently constructed objects and furniture, the Cosset pair stamps the epitome of island design.

How would you describe the world of Cosset Design? What materials comprise it?

High quality, luxurious simplicity and warmth are at the heart of Cosset. These are the essence of the way we create spaces, enabling each to tell the story of its owners.

High quality, luxurious simplicity and warmth are at the heart of Cosset.

Where do you draw inspiration for your next steps?

Travelling to all corners of the planet, socialising with people from all corners of the earth, unusual materials and the different points of view each person has when viewing a work of art are for us an endless source of inspiration. All these come together and create a multifaceted mood board which points the way to the future.

How do you approach a new project, say a holiday residence?

Every space and every project is unique. It is the owner’s aesthetic that we respond to in order to design it. But there are some values that permeate all our work. Our design philosophy does not allow for excess and meaningless displays of opulence. On the contrary, we aim to harmonise each building with its surroundings in order to enhance the beauty of the general area.



Cosset Athens

– Vouliagmenis Avenue 44-46, Voula

Tel: +30 210 8950207

– Laodikis str. 30, Glyfada

Tel: +30 210 8945836

Cosset Mykonos

-Argyrena – Dexamenes

Tel: +30 22890 78146

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