Discover the TETRA Charm by Zolotas House

For the new year 2024, ZOLOTAS House of Jewelry has created the precious TETRA charm. Our inspiration comes from the dynamic harmony of the four elements that form cosmic matter and human existence within the elements of nature.

Water, Fire, Air, Earth. Each element stimulates the senses in an extraordinary, unique way. It was the Greeks, from Empedocles to Aristotle, who separated the elements and studied the attributes they offer to Man.

Water is a primary and inexhaustible reserve of clean energy. Fire symbolizes sapience, knowledge. Air, for Plato is the soul, the key to the mastery of reason, while Earth, the first deity Gaia, is a source of endless power. Altogether, alternating and interconnected, form the cornerstone of Matter, of Existence and Life.

The TETRA jewelry charm has a contemporary design based on the centripetal force of the four elements of nature coexisting in a perfect circular balance.

The complete TETRA jewelry collection consists of sublime necklaces, earrings, bracelets and rings in 18K gold and silver, adorned with enamel and precious stones in the colors representing each of the four elements – blue, red, white and green.

The ZOLOTAS 2024 TETRA Charm with its unique symbolism offers you balance, harmony and completion for the new year!

Discover the jewelry collection and order your precious TETRA charm from the website:

or via phone order:

+30 210 9515001

+30 210 9515002

& visit the ZOLOTAS Flaghship Store in Athens: 10, Panepistimiou Avenue.

The ZOLOTAS 2024 Charm & Charitable Cause

For the year 2024, ZOLOTAS Charm collection, TETRA, will once again contribute to the praiseworthy cause of ELEPAP and will support the center’s program “Steps Forward” for the children and the adults with disabilities by offering part of its sales to that cause.

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