Eleusis stars as the European Capital of Culture of 2023

The biggest cultural event in Europe begins in the historical city of Elefsina for a year full of unexpected events. The institution of the European Capital of Culture returns in 2023 to its native country. With culture and art as a vehicle, the city of Elefsina— and Greece as a whole—is at the centre of the world map. It emerges as a source of social development, innovation and collectivity. The 2023 Eleusis European Capital of Culture presents a rich and innovative artistic, research and educational programme entitled MYSTERIES OF TRANSITION, which develops on three central thematic axes: People | Society, Environment, Labor. Together, these three themes create a sustainable legacy beyond the boundaries of the title year.

The beginning is marked with a spectacular Opening Ceremony, Mystery_0 Mysteries of Transition, which took place on Saturday, 4 February 2023, on the coastal front of the city, under the conception of the General Artistic Director of the organisation, Michail Marmarinos and directed by the distinguished British director, Chris Baldwin.

The MYSTERIES OF TRANSITION programme draws inspiration from Elefsina, its history, as well as the contemporary challenges that govern it, presenting throughout 2023, a total of 465 productions in 30 different venues in the city, hosting more than 300 distinguished artists from Europe, America and Asia. Romeo Castellucci, Sasha Waltz, Jochen Sandig, Heiner Goebbels, Haruka Hirayama, Yannis Houvardas, Nikita Milivojević, Novoflot, Humanhood, Steven Berkoff and Stereo Nova are among them.

Numbers speak for themselves: 192 Greek and 137 International Creators will participate in this great cultural celebration performing 130 artworks out of 17 kinds of art. An exciting programme and a fascinating city that changes reintroducing itself through art and culture.


The main objective of the 2023 Eleusis programme is a strong Tangible and Intangible Heritage, that is, the building of a new cultural identity of Elefsina.

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