Greek exclusive print “Dolphins Of Greece” Unveiled at LOVE BRAND & Co. Athens Launch.

LOVE BRAND & Co., the luxury men’s swim and resort wear label, has announced the launch of its Greek Exclusive print, ‘Dolphins of Greece,’ in collaboration with Salt Water and the Ionian Environment Foundation (IEF).

To celebrate the collaboration, representatives from LOVE BRAND & Co., Salt Water Agency and the IEF gathered at The Artist Rooftop in Athens for an evening of local bites, music and
drinks. Speeches in support of marine conservation were held by both Oliver Tomalin (founder of LOVE BRAND & Co.) and Dr Simon Karythis (Executive Director of the IEF).

The ‘Dolphins of Greece’ print aims to raise vital funds and awareness for the critically
endangered Mediterranean Common Dolphin. Available exclusively through Salt Water, at
Attica and online, proceeds from the sale of garments featuring this print will directly support the Dolphin Project and the IEF in their efforts in marine conservation, habitat protection, and sustainable development.

Through the visionary efforts of the IEF in dolphin preservation, we witness the power of dedicated action for marine wildlife. Our partnership with them and Dr. Simon is a testament to the strength of united commitments, enhancing our collective endeavour to protect and cherish the ocean’s treasures.

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