Interior Designer Extraordinaire

Acclaimed professional Antonis Kalogridis sets trends and drives the way forward, sharing his insight into what design hospitality luxury truly means. Despite his work in hospitality, he still sees himself as primarily a theatre director. He stages experiences and explores the roles people take on in their lives. Working on the new, amazing hotels of the Myconian Collection Hotels & Resorts on Mykonos is his way of bringing about the spaces he has always wanted to have available to him; spaces as the ones he designed for Panoptis Escape at Elia beach and O by Myconian Collection that can take their surroundings and their guests further.

What are the key ingredients of true luxury in travelling?

The greatest privilege has to do with the destinations – not about choosing the place but about choosing what that place means. Any place you find yourself can be a finish line or a starting line – compensation or inspiration. The defining moment of luxury in travel is bringing the two together, about turning your travels into a revolving door, an experience so strong that it moves you to any direction you choose.


Any place you find yourself can be a finish line or a starting line – compensation or inspiration.


You might be travelling to celebrate an achievement, or because you are gathering up the strength to go after one. Ideally, the two should not feel different, because you will always be getting ready to reach a higher peak, and you will always deserve to be rewarded for it.

How does interior design affect a traveler’s experience?

It has to do with that revolving moment. Interior design must make it easier for people to see clearly in all directions, to choose their path among many. At the same time, it must help them to be inspired by what is unique in the specific time and place they find themselves. It is a fine line, like the horizon. Interior design must make you feel good about where you are, but also remind you not to stay still. It has to be the perfect match between the real and the possible, and it must allow guests to break on through to whichever side works best for them.

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