Leading by Example: Hellenic Yacht Masters’ Club (HYMC)

The official launch of the Hellenic Yacht Masters’ Club was held on Thursday, January 18, at the Moorings in the Marina of Vouliagmeni. The event was attended by all the elite of Greek yachting, institutional representatives from the field of shipping and tourism, as well as individuals with significant activity in the yachting industry.

With this event, the members of the Hellenic Yacht Masters’ Club wanted to express their ideals but also to invite colleagues and those active in shipping to cooperate with them in order to increase the circle of their members and to achieve the goals of the Club.

The goal of establishing the Club is to protect the heritage but also to promote the prospects of professional yachting. Combining their shared enthusiasm and creative energy, its members are determined to preserve the timeless traditions of the yachting world.

Dimitris Maroulis, President of the Hellenic Yacht Masters’ Club

This newly founded club (2021) is the realization of a shared vision for the industry that had at its core the group of masters of luxury yachting. The members of HYMC are dynamic representatives-captains of luxury yachting with many years of experience, who joined forces and expertise and created the Hellenic Yacht Masters’ Club.

Their effort will be a hub for the exchange of knowledge, new ideas with the perspective of creating a network suitable to provide advice practically applicable throughout the yachting chain.

With many years of experience the members of the Hellenic Yacht Masters’ Club have defined the Club’s core values ​​such as ethics, knowledge, selflessness, cooperation and a positive attitude with the belief that they will ensure the development of the yachting industry, alongside the evolution of industry professionals. The constantly evolving practices regarding the protection of the environment and the marine ecosystem are at the center of the interests of the Club members.

The Hellenic Yacht Masters’ Club expects that with constant information and fruitful dialogue of its members they will be able to always act in the best way, for the continuous development of the yachting industry in Greece.

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