Magical Cave

Indulge into the culinary vibes of the breathtaking Spilia Seaside Restaurant located at Agia Anna on Mykonos island.

Prepare yourself to experience the unexpected. Step into the surreal seaside restaurant and cocktail bar in the beautiful Agia Anna beach. Peacefully nestled on a natural platform on the rocks, hanging over the sea, Spilia (cave), seems to have emerged out of a painting. Imagine a painting where seafood and fresh fish are served straight from the Aegean. Oysters, mussels, urchins, crayfish and lobsters located in a small natural sea pool are prepared before your eyes. An authentic Mykonian culinary experience unfolds with the beautiful sunset view and the summer breeze in your hair, while the sound of waves caressing you. It comes as no surprise that Spilia Seaside Restaurant is one of the most iconic Mykonos hotspots. With a 30-year legacy in the island’s gastronomy, the recently renovated restaurant and bar is truly iconic.

Its breathtaking view, the unique scenery creating an incredible atmosphere and the Aegean cuisine are the triptych of its success. Guests can actually watch their seafood being fished out of the natural sea pool, indulge into their freshness just before enjoying the bar’s signature cocktails with the best musical vibes of the DJ’s sets. A one-of-a kind opportunity to experience some of the best Mykonian cuisine with the smell of the sea hitting your nostrils directly, while the sound of the waves hitting the cliffs.

Agia Anna, Kalafatis
For lunch and dinner reservations
Tel.: +302289071205, +306949449729

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