Sailing the Waves of Success with the New Edition of Athens Riviera Journal

Athens Riviera Journal’s new issue shines even brighter hosting influential personalities and the Riviera’s evolution on its pages.

The much-anticipated new edition of the Athens Riviera Journal has arrived, promising a deeper dive into the essence of this breathtaking destination. With an array of influential personas gracing its pages and an exploration of the Athenian Riviera’s news, this edition is a true testament to the region’s ongoing transformation.

Known for capturing the spirit of this coastal haven, ARJ has outdone itself with its newest release. The publication takes readers on an enthralling journey through the heart of the Riviera, showcasing the initiatives, the visionaries, the nightlife glamour, the elevated hospitality and the exceptional lifestyle connecting the city and the sea.

One of the highlights of this edition is the presence of influential personalities who contributed to its growth. Exclusive interviews and features with renowned figures from various industries provide a unique perspective on the Athenian Riviera’s allure.

Readers can also expect an extensive visual feast, with breathtaking photography that captures the Athenian Riviera’s timeless beauty alongside its contemporary dynamism. With each page turned, readers are invited to explore the interplay of luxury, culture, and evolution that defines this remarkable destination.

Dive into the splendid new additions in the Word of Mouth section, delve into the vision of the honored guests in Influence, embrace the glamour in the Own It section and taste the unexpected in the Gourmet Getaway. Take off to new experiences in our Escape proposals, open your horizons with the Culture dates and see  beauty from the Architecture point of view.

Read our new issue here!

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