Skin Matters by Aggeliki Argiri

The owner of an innovative Aesthetics Institute in Glyfada unveils her secrets on the field of skin care.

The SKIN MATTERS Institute, housed in a beautiful modern space in Glyfada, has been offering face and body treatment services for both men and women for 10 years. Showcasing the latest technological beauty equipment, and effective post treatment products from the largest beauty companies in the world, Aggeliki Argiri is also on hand to provide sound advice and guidance to men and women who visit the Institute.
Aggeliki is a graduate of the Department of Aesthetics and Cosmetic Science of the Technological Educational Institute of Athens, has been trained in Florida, U.S. at the Florida Natural Health College in “Advanced skin therapies” and holds a Masters Degree (MSc) from the University of Athens Medical School. She is the author of the book ‘Skin Type Matters’ and participates at international aesthetic and anti-aging and medical conferences (Paris 2022 and Monaco 2023).
With over 17 years of experience, she is able to provide solutions to many problems related to the skin and the needs of each person. Her valuable guidance on how to use products at home enhances the effectiveness of each treatment with a personalized protocol designed to optimize the condition of the skin.
She herself never examines a woman’s biological age but instead looks at the needs she detects on the skin. Aggeliki distinguishes face or body treatments designed to be either a one-off treatment for a special appearance or those that require a course of treatments in order to stabilize the results for a longer period depending on the needs, the time and the willingness of the person to improve what he feels is a necessity.

We met her in her office and asked her to share her favorite treatment with us according to the season and this is what she had to say:

Especially in the summer we are primarily interested in antioxidant protection followed by increasing hydration and glow. So the Splash it in and the Vitamin C Treatment have a very beneficial effect on the skin that has been exposed to the sun and the sea. As the summer in Greece is all about going out, invitations and parties, the treatments I highly recommend are the Lift & Glow or the 5 Star Treatment for an instant highly beneficial treatment. I guarantee you will radiate health and beauty.

Do you trust the latest technology? Do you use it at the Institute as part of the treatments you provide?

Of course! Based on the prerequisite that the devices we use are purchased from globally recognized and certified providers! For example, Fractional Radio Frequency RF technology results in spectacular skin tightening results while microcurrent technology offers a striking facial muscle therapy. All of these technologies come with protocols that are personalized according to the individual’s needs. Several sessions are often needed for such treatments. Finally, a long standing favorite in aesthetic medicine is mesotherapy, which can be applied in many different ways! As for permanent hair removal, the Soprano Ice Platinum Laser, that we have, guarantees spectacular and safe results.

Similarly, body treatments are also important, especially in the summer and problems such as cellulite, skin laxity, muscle strengthening, as well as more manageable issues such as exfoliation and hydration, can all be treated at the Institute. Our aestheticians and the entire
team receive constant training which has definitely been a factor in why SKIN MATTERS has been awarded 4 awards at the Aesthetic Beauty Awards in the last 3 years. These include awards:

  1. For the best space
  2. For our contribution to Acne
  3. For our anti-aging therapies, and
  4. For our powerful presence on social media, which is both educational and easy to understand. You can discover us either by visiting our website or the company’s social media on IG, Tik Tok and FB.

What do you presently consider challenging in the field of aesthetics?

I remember a professor in the U.S. telling us that every 5 years you will think you know nothing, that your knowledge is obsolete! This is also the biggest challenge in this profession! Technology in this subject advances very fast. If you’re not constantly training, you will simply become obsolete too.

Tell us where you would like to be in terms of your work in the next ten years?

I would like to continue to inspire women to teach them how to improve their skin by hearing the messages that their skin sends them and help them to finally get the skin they deserve whether that’s in terms of battling acne, sunspots, skin laxity or anti-ageing needs…
Promptly recognizing skin issues and effectively treating them lead to skin that is healthier, shinier and more youthful over time. I think this is my mission!

Finally, what is the mantra that you have lived by for all the women you love and have cared for all these years?

Reveal your age. You deserve it, you’re entitled to it, you have nothing to fear!
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