Summer Delight Guide in Athens with Schweppes.

Summer in Athens offers a plethora of activities that will make your days and evenings memorable. Begin your exploration at the iconic Acropolis Museum, where ancient Greek history comes to life. Take a leisurely stroll through the Plaka neighborhood, known for its picturesque streets and vibrant atmosphere. For a peaceful retreat, the National Garden provides a lush escape right in the heart of the city.

Don’t miss the eclectic charm of the Monastiraki Flea Market, where you can find unique treasures. A walk along Dionysiou Areopagitou Street offers breathtaking views of historical landmarks. Experience a magical evening with a concert at the Odeon of Herodes Atticus.

For a refreshing break, head to the Athens Riviera and enjoy the seaside. The Stavros Niarchos Foundation Cultural Center is a modern marvel worth visiting. Syntagma Square is perfect for people-watching and feeling the pulse of the city. Finally, hiking up Lycabettus Hill will reward you with stunning panoramic views of Athens.

After a day full of adventure, unwind with a refreshing Schweppes drink. Schweppes, the most premium brand of adult beverages, has crafted the most delightful proposals to perfectly accompany the socializing moments of this summer! The Born Social character of Schweppes ensures that it will elevate every experience with a wide range of options to satisfy all tastes.

The iconic Pink Grapefruit is perfect for direct consumption or as a mixer. The Indian Tonic offers a classic taste for tonic enthusiasts, while the Pink Tonic Style surprises with notes of blueberry and black currant, making it an excellent choice for creative cocktails.

Enhance your evening with signature cocktails by Vasilis Kyritsis, one of the most successful bartenders and Lead Activation Strategist at Schweppes. Each recipe incorporates a unique Schweppes ingredient, promising to add extra inspiration and a premium character to every moment.

Pink GnT: A mix of London Dry Gin, Elderflower Liqueur, Schweppes Pink Tonic Style, and Orange Bitters.

GnT Reborn: A refreshing blend of London Dry Gin, Mint, Vanilla & Citrus Cordial, and Schweppes Tonic Water.

Smokey Rickey: A unique combination of Vodka, Mezcal, Lemon Cordial, and Schweppes Pink Tonic Style.

Enjoy these delightful drinks responsibly, and make your summer nights in Athens unforgettable with Schweppes!

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