The Award-Winning Pelagos Presents New Summer Menus Inspired by Pelagos On Tour: The Cyclades Edition.

The Michelin-starred restaurant Pelagos at the Four Seasons Astir Palace Hotel Athens is launching its third annual Pelagos On Tour menu series: a tribute to the incredible ingredients of three sun-kissed Cycladic islands.

After a gastronomic journey, acclaimed chef Luca Piscazzi and his team present nine ingredients from Sifnos, Santorini, and Naxos that tell the story of the islands, their inhabitants, culture, and culinary heritage. Two exceptional tasting menus of six and nine courses – “Discovery” and “Adventure” – are joined this year by a six-course “Best Of” menu celebrating three years of the tour, featuring favorite dishes inspired by previous trips to Crete and Tinos.

During this year’s Pelagos on Tour, meetings and collaborations with local chefs, small producers, and family businesses led to exclusive gastronomic and cultural revelations. The result? Exceptional summer menus celebrating these distinctive ingredients and embracing the unique personalities of these very different islands.

The initial mission of Pelagos on Tour was to explore unexplored destinations, support small producers, and showcase exceptional local products,” explains the chef. “This year’s Pelagos On Tour: The Cyclades Edition delivered all these aspects and much more, including a reminder to appreciate the simple joys of life: authentic hospitality, the comfort of a slow pace of life, and the enjoyment of nature’s gifts in their purest form.

For each of the new summer menus at Pelagos, guests can enjoy a full Greek wine pairing as well as the opportunity to discover international labels through Pelagos’ expert sommeliers. There is also a menu of four cocktails inspired by the Cyclades, including the signature Ariadne: a refreshing tribute to Naxos combining citron liqueur with Aperol, melon, and Aegean Tonic.

Three Islands, Nine Ingredients

Each island visited by Pelagos On Tour: The Cyclades Edition offered new gastronomic inspiration for Chef Luca Piscazzi’s summer menus.

Sifnos capers add a playful peppery note to the tuna tartare through the salty smoothness of caper ice cream. Creamy chickpeas are skillfully paired with Romesco sauce and apricot in the lobster dish. The unique white eggplant of Santorini is the star of the eponymous dish, masterfully combined with Madras curry, pork belly, and oyster. Dry-aged beef highlights Naxos meat, served with an intriguing combination of tomato broth, cucumber, and sesame.

The six-course “Best Of” menu brings back iconic favorite dishes from previous tours. From the 2023 visit to Crete, the lamb dish includes tender meat with wild greens, prunes, and pita. From Tinos in 2022, the kariki cheese dish playfully features cheese aged in a pumpkin with Kristal caviar on a ceramic plate shaped like a pumpkin.

A Cycladic Odyssey

This year’s island adventure began in Sifnos, at Narlis Farm, where the family of owner George has used waterless cultivation methods for nearly a century. Throughout the island, chickpeas, sage, and capers proved to be the culinary stars, while the incredible pottery and mountain hikes to ancient monasteries were two main cultural highlights.

The next destination was Santorini – the island of wine – blessed with volcanic soil, Aegean breezes, and abundant sunshine. Despite the mass tourism, local producers and farmers work tirelessly to maintain the integrity of the island’s products, including the world-renowned Santorini tomatoes, which have been protected with a designation of origin since 2013. After learning traditional winemaking techniques at Vassaltis Winery, the team dined on aromatic pistachios grown by the esteemed farmer Yannis at Yiannis Nomikos Estate.

In Naxos, the lush landscapes and mountain peaks provided the setting, while visits to small producers like Babounis Cheese, Graviera Pittara, and Olive Oil Cycladi gave the team the opportunity to taste aromatic Athos cheeses, grass-fed beef, and the finest golden olive oil. Relaxed meals with Naxian Experience and Terra Grazia Estate immersed the team in the warm hospitality of Naxos, local dishes, and traditional music.

Inspired by the passion for creation, award-winning chef Luca – who earned Pelagos a Michelin star within six months of the restaurant’s opening – returned to Athens to create dishes that tell a story of landscape, passion, and craftsmanship.

I truly wanted to explore the connection between each island and its people, history, culture, and culinary heritage,” he notes. “Inspiration comes from tasting products in their natural environment and learning the culinary traditions behind them from the people who know them best. As a result, every dish in our new menus is truly a tribute to the people behind the flavors, colors, and aromas of each key ingredient.

To enjoy the Pelagos on Tour tasting menus at the Four Seasons Astir Palace Hotel Athens, please contact 210 8901000.

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