The Green Song Saa Private Island

A Green Getaway that has found a unique way to combine luxury with sustainability, offering guests outstanding experiences in complete harmony and close contact with the natural environment.

The Koh Rong archipelago off Cambodia is home to a veritable vacation gem: the private island known as Song Saa. Visiting the island in 2006 and enchanted by its natural beauty, then in decline, Rory and Melinda Hunter decided to buy it from the Cambodian government, setting three goals: restoring the natural environment, helping the local community and creating a unique hospitality property, which would offer an authentic experience of the area. The couple proceeded to erect facilities where everything is designed around sustainability, local potential and indigenous resources.

The furniture and textiles that adorn the island’s elegant, striking over-water villas are made from natural or recycled materials by local craftspeople. With a private pool and sea view deck, each villa has its own, unique style, inspired by Cambodia’s traditional fisher villages, which guests can visit to witness traditional fishing, coral farming and agriculture methods. These initiatives are supported by the Hunters’ Song Saa Foundation, which works with volunteers, investors and supporters from around the world. (


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