The Italian finesse of Nerea Yacht is being launched in the Greek Market by Fais Group

With years of experience and expertise in the yachting industry, Fais Group strengthens its brand portfolio by introducing Nerea Yacht to the Greek market.

Nerea Yacht is a boutique yacht company that can boast of its special refinement, unique design, quality construction and craftsmanship.

It all starts in Fano, in the Italian region of Marche, in an area that is undoubtedly one of the most respected yachting industries in the world. In Fano, Nerea Yacht’s skilled technical team certifies that each handcrafted boat is built after countless hours of thorough research, love for the sea, Italian style and a desire to create state-of-the-art boats.

The company’s pioneer is founder Dario Messina who has many years of experience in the boatbuilding industry and creates uniquely refined boats with great mastery.

Nerea Yacht is debuting in the Greek market through Fais Group, via its two series: NY24 and NY40.

The NY24, NY40 yachts offer an impressive and clean design signed by designers Alessio Battistini and Davide Bernardini, providing unique sailing experiences and great flexibility to their owner. The boats were created for the future while preserving Italian design and nautical tradition.

Fais Group proceeds with the expansion of its brands, with solid strategic partnerships bearing in mind the modern needs of consumers. The Fais Group’s Yachting Division includes pioneering brands such as Princess Yachts, Rand Boats and Nerea Yacht that offer a unique range of options with a touch of luxury for memorable escapes, on board.

Fais Group Central Distribution | American Marine: 211 10 88 400

For any information regarding NEREA YACHT please contact AMERICAN MARINE either on 211 10 88 505 or

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