An Avra Evolution

Raise a glass to passion, creativity and sustainability at Four Seasons Astir Palace Hotel Athens.

Evolution is an artform, and a fresh new chapter for Avra at Four Seasons Astir Palace Hotel Athens blends style with true sensorial adventure. The latest emergence on the inspiring Athens bar scene, the striking sea-view venue welcomes those-in-the-know for seasonal cocktails, ‘Fine Drinking’, elevated bar snacks, live DJs, and an evocative sense of being in the right place at the right time…  

A true destination bar, Avra engages all the senses. Its ‘Fine Drinking’ concept ensures utmost quality, service and ambience, rooted in an impassioned commitment to pure pleasure.  From that first iconic sip of a classic Martinez to the ambient surrounds of pink-hued sunsets over the sea, artful interiors and modern vibe to the lively buzz of locals and guests mingling over a Toreador, every moment is infused with a love for life. 

Complementing the dreamy drinks, a menu of elevated classic bar snacks showcase purely Greek products served ‘sharing-style’. Highlights include Mini Souvlaki, Popcorn Chicken, Tuna Tartare with avocado from Crete, plus dessert beignets that evolve in line with Avra’s seasonal cocktails.  

At Avra, we approach everything with love. We love a good drink and sharing beautifully-crafted cocktails with like-minded enthusiasts. We’re passionate about perfectly paired dishes, getting creative with new recipes, and a collaborative sense of fun. We hope that’s the feeling our fellow bar-lovers leave with—that we shared a great time together. 

Manon Kapfer – Bar Manager

Fun-loving Visionaries 

Behind each artfully crafted Avra drink lies a dedicated team of bartenders, who love nothing more than sharing their passions. Guiding their creative vision is Bar Manager Manon Kapfer, a modern-day alchemist whose career has taken her from a degree in Culinary Art to Tony Conigliaro’s Bar Termini and The Zetter Townhouse in London, and nurtured a love for innovative minimalist concoctions inspired by great perfumers.   

The Classic Hotel Bar – Perfected  

Ever in search of the perfect “classic”? Avra’s Ultimate 24 Cocktail Menu showcases 24 classic cocktails in instantly-relaxing surrounds, accompanied by the stories of the bartenders whose careers they’ve shaped. These long-perfected drinks are the base language of the international bartending world: setting standards, transcending cultures, and sparking experimentation. Sip on a Paper Plane, Hanky Panky or Floridita Daiquiri while enjoying 24 classic ‘Memories of a Bartender’—printed tales spanning the ridiculous to the sublime.  


Seasonal – Original – Sustainable  

Manon’s innate passion, curiosity and connoisseurship weave their way into Avra’s Seasonal-Original-Sustainable Cocktail Menu: the bar’s research and development menu and an ever-evolving homage to sustainable living that celebrates four exquisite local ingredients— tomato, dandelion, cherry and fig—explored in their various seasonal states. Spring’s menu, the first of four seasonal menus to be launched this year, showcases Cherry in a fragrant and floral blend of Cherry Blossom GinRaw, Sakura Mancino Vermouth, and Fig in a subtly smokey infusion of Chopin Vodka, fig leaf bitters and grapefruit with a bright citrus twist alongside equally enticing springtime Tomato and Dandelion delights. 

The ‘Athens Riviera Sound System’ 

No memorable night would be complete without a sonic backdrop and, over wave music and birdsong, Avra weaves its own unique aural identity through unmissable DJ events. Friday nights will host ‘For the Record’, with guest DJs bringing their unique exploration of classic vinyl, while The Great Sunday Club is an invitation to join a private circle of laidback fun with chilled out tunes… a bit like heading back to a friend’s place for a post-weekend debrief. And in keeping with the bar’s all-encompassing vibe, The Avra Society is a fun take on the secret societies of teenagehood, but for mixology-mad grown-ups.   

Feel the Avra Passion 

A unique feel is woven into every aspect of the newly-evolved Avra, from quirky terrariums on tables to on-trend jumpsuits for staff. Playful cocktails, fresh avant-garde decor, intuitive DJs, and superlative service are all at play but it’s the instant feel of ‘belonging’—what the team describe as ‘the Avra sixth sense’— that keeps the city’s movers and shakers coming back again and again.  

To be one of the first to feel the passion of the Avra Evolution, call  
+30 21 0890 1197 or visit @avra_athens . 

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