Award-Winning GB Spa Launches Exclusive Partnership with 111SKIN with a Special Press Event.

The award-winning GB Spa and the leading skincare brand 111SKIN inaugurated their exclusive collaboration with a special press event in the iconic atrium of the Hotel Grande Bretagne.

Renowned plastic surgeon Dr. Yannis Alexandrides, Founder of 111SKIN, along with his wife and CEO of the company, Eva Alexandrides, traveled from Harley Street in London to the heart of Athens and the GB Spa. They presented the innovative range of skincare products and the philosophy of 111SKIN to journalists and media representatives, explaining how medical science meets skincare.

During the event, Dr. Yannis Alexandrides discussed his professional journey and the reasons that led him to establish the Harley Street Clinic in London in 2000 and, later, 111SKIN. He explained that 111SKIN essentially began as a “natural extension” of a special healing serum he originally used in his clinic to help his patients’ skin heal faster after surgery. The active ingredients of the healing serum gained great acclaim as it helped the skin become more resilient, accelerating cell regeneration and enhancing glutathione, the body’s primary antioxidant. This led to the creation of the Reparative Collection, the first series from 111SKIN, and specifically the company’s hero product, Repair Serum NAC Y2™.

The collaboration between 111SKIN and the GB Spa of the Hotel Grande Bretagne is no coincidence, as they are both iconic brands that innovate and remain at the forefront of the public’s mind. These two iconic brands are synonymous with self-pampering, luxury, and holistic well-being. From ancient holistic rituals to the most modern skincare, every treatment at the GB Spa promises ultimate relaxation with personalized treatments and spa therapies, specially designed for both men and women by expert therapists who aim to bring body, mind, and spirit into complete harmony.

Most of the 111SKIN product collection is available for purchase at the GB Spa and online, along with four signature facial treatments exclusively offered in Athens, including one utilizing the special Cryo Machine.

111SKIN De-Puffing Energising Cryo Facial with the Cryo Machine

Cryotherapy uses cold air to rejuvenate the skin. It leverages cooling technology to increase blood microcirculation in the skin, reducing puffiness, increasing oxygen flow, tightening pores, detoxifying skin tissues, and making the skin visibly brighter, firmer, and more radiant. This treatment is particularly effective for those living in urban environments.

Duration: 90 minutes | Cost: €230

Duration: 60 minutes | Cost: €190

111SKIN Black Diamond Non-Surgical Face Lift

The most luxurious anti-aging treatment for achieving a dramatically youthful appearance. It includes unique facial exfoliation using products enriched with retinol and fine diamond particles. Special massage techniques by GB Spa’s expert therapists ensure visible skin tightening for a truly fresh and firm complexion.

Duration: 90 minutes | Cost: €260

111SKIN Signature Harley Street Facial

Designed to soothe irritated and inflamed skin. It accelerates the healing process post-surgery and epitomizes 111SKIN’s renowned treatment. Utilizing the antioxidant NAC Y2 complex, an innovation of 111SKIN, it enhances the skin’s protection against environmental damage and inflammation and promotes rejuvenation.

Duration: 60 minutes | Cost: €190

111SKIN Rose Gold Radiance Facial

This treatment uses an innovative formula to lift and tighten the skin and sculpt the facial contours. A powerful facial treatment combining three levels of massage to minimize wrinkles and epitomize self-love. It includes a rose crystal massage for a dazzling appearance and natural glow.

Duration: 90 minutes | Cost: €230

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