With the A’ Design Award Silver 2024, Potiropoulos+Partners was honoured for the Serpentine House project in Elliniko.

The international award falls under the category of Architecture, Building and Structure Design and is one of the most significant distinctions worldwide. The Serpentine House residence in Elliniko was awarded the A’ Design Award Silver 2024.

The jury of the A’ Design Award & Competition, comprised of acclaimed designers, top academics, prominent global entrepreneurs, and influential media members, bestowed the award, recognizing that the building’s design represents the pinnacle of innovation and design excellence while highlighting Potiropoulos+Partners’ dedication to producing contemporary and advanced architecture internationally.

About Serpentine House

The project is located in one of the southern suburbs of Athens, in Elliniko, in a promising and rapidly developing area, specifically between the coast and the old airport, an area defined by large plots with low residential buildings and a relative lack of “urban” landmarks in the surrounding landscape.

The architectural gesture of a long, flowing form in an “L” shape along the two main ends of the plot seeks to create a filter between the surrounding landscape and the negative space it produces, a courtyard of similar scale to the building’s footprint. This fluid form “narrows” and “widens” to create “tension” with the enclosed courtyard but remains rigid along the perimeter of the space, forming a well-defined edge. The curved edges of the building mass soften the rigid appearance towards the surroundings, anticipating a “change” where the volume of the residence, the enclosed courtyard, and the exterior scenery will be connected in a balanced synergy, united by natural light, defining the recognizable boundary and the tense and continuous relationship between the building and the landscaped interior.

The building’s form extends from a series of large pergolas to cover parts of the courtyard and create a rather “staged” sequence of enclosed/open and semi-outdoor spaces, indicating different levels of transparency and opacity with large openings towards the garden.

The architectural program extends over two floors, with the main living spaces on the ground floor and the sleeping quarters on the upper floor, along with the family room, to maintain noise levels under control, except for the master bedroom, which is located in a private corner of the ground floor plan, taking advantage of the orientation, and with direct access to an isolated area of the garden and pool.

Strategically positioned at the centre of the articulated form and intended to function as a meeting point is the kitchen, where one can “oversee” the formal and informal activities as part of everyday life. Additional functions include an outdoor mini basketball court, a gym, and an office space with its entrance in a small satellite building, across from the pool.

Large openings “penetrate” the fluid form, choreographing and “narrating” the act of dwelling, flooding it with natural light.

Credits: 3D Visualization: Batis Studio

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