Tudor Hall Restaurant Celebrates Its First Michelin Star.

Nestled in the heart of Athens within the historic King George Hotel, Tudor Hall Restaurant has won its first Michelin Star, a testament to its culinary excellence and exceptional service.
Under the leadership of the acclaimed Executive Chef Asterios Koustoudis, Tudor Hall Restaurant has consistently demonstrated a commitment to culinary innovation. Working alongside the distinguished Chef de Cuisine Nikos Leivadias and the talented Pastry Chef Alexandros Koufas, the team has created dishes that artfully blend modern techniques with the finest quality traditional ingredients. Each dish and dessert is a masterpiece, carefully crafted with refined colors, delicate aromas and unique presentation, offering guests an unparalleled gastronomic experience.
Furthermore, the restaurant’s Head Sommelier, Evangelos Psofidis, has meticulously curated an exceptional wine selection, expertly harmonizing with each culinary creation, thus elevating the dining experience to an extraordinary level. Coupled with the impeccable service at Tudor Hall Restaurant ensures that patrons embark on an unforgettable, unparalleled gastronomic adventure.
The prestigious Michelin Star reflects the entire team’s unwavering passion, dedication and vision to elevate Greek cuisine to a global pedestal. Tudor Hall Restaurant invites gastronomy enthusiasts to savor its Michelin-starred experience and celebrate this accolade, which pays homage to Greece’s rich culinary heritage.

7th floor of King George Hotel, Athens
Vasileos Georgiou A’ 3, Athens, 105 64
Table Reservations: +30 2103330748

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