Welcoming the GOFAS Jewelry CHARMS 2024 Collection!

The number 24 symbolizes balance, spirituality, and the significance of time in human experience. It is the number that reminds us of consistency and equilibrium in all aspects of our lives.

GOFAS Jewelry unveils the new CHARMS 2024 collection, wishing for clarity of thought, inner strength, and good fortune in the coming year!

These are special creations made of platinum-plated brass, black rhodium plating, or rose and yellow gold plating.

CHARM “Diamond”

The enduring symbolism of the diamond, from ancient civilizations to modern societies, transcends its physical properties, making it a powerful emblem of love, purity, strength, and spiritual enlightenment for the entire world. It is available in four stunning color combinations.

CHARM “Boomerang”

The boomerang is a “living interpretation” of resilience and adaptability. Its remarkable ability to return to its original position underscores the importance of flexibility and the ability to navigate life’s challenges. It is available in three unique color combinations.

Exclusively available at GOFAS Jewelry Boutiques:

ATHENS – SYNTAGMA | 3 Stadiou Str, CP 10562 Athens | T. +30 210 3317 540

THESSALONIKI | 9 Aristotelous Sq, CP 54624 Thessaloniki | T. +30 231 02 79703

ATHENS INTERNATIONAL AIRPORT | Intra Schengen – Area B, CP 19019 Spata | T. +30 210 3533 627

And on www.gofas.gr.

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